Ductile Iron Castings

The Best Kept Secret in Metal Forming

Very few foundries specialize in ductile iron castings, which is unfortunate considering ductile iron's impressive mechanical properties, versatility, and low cost. Ductile iron castings, also known as gray iron, are an affordable alternative for many existing aluminum cast parts.

PCT has expanded its facility and personnel to house one of the leading ductile iron casting operations in the United States. Offering unique fatigue resistance characteristics and cost-effective production, ductile iron is poised to become the casting of the future for military and automotive applications.

Precision Castings of Tennessee specializes in producing near-net shape ductile iron castings within 0 to 30 lbs and condensing multiple-part assemblies into single castings.

  • Intricate, near-net shape parts without secondary machining
  • Easily convert multiple parts into single assemblies
  • Thin walls for weight reduction opportunities
  • Surface texture of 125 RMS or better
  • Tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch
  • Highly complex dimensional geometry

Form – Ductile iron's unique physical characteristics

Like cast iron, ductile iron features high strength, damping properties, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, and machinability.  Ductile iron's differentiating factor is its reduction of the brittleness associated with cast iron.

High tensile strength is also an important factor to consider, as ductile iron can easily exceed 120 ksi. Heat treated, or "austempered" ductile iron castings further expand wear resistance and hardness, achieving over 230ksi.

Fit – Making ductile iron castings work for you

Ductile iron provides a wide range of mechanical properties, and can be engineered to meet almost any application. PCT can convert existing castings, even low-cost steel castings, into lower-cost ductile iron while retaining similar or improved mechanical properties.

Function – Real-world ductile iron casting examples

Ductile iron is commonly used for complex, mass production parts such as frames and brackets. The majority of our ductile iron customers are military and automotive manufacturers looking for cost-savings without compromising the quality, consistency, and structural integrity of their components.


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